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Welcome to Cool Creation Las Vegas

Lets look at the digital marketing section and the cool creations they make in South Neveda and Clarke County

Thrive Agency

Lets start with I love the “Resuts Driven” banner right in your face. The you have videos from key members showing trust right on the first page. The green and orange is subject to taste, with plants in background, which I dont see any connection with this and digital marketing.


The laptop background and grey feels, makes more in line with what you would expect from a digital agency. “A Digital Powerhouse”, are great wording to undertstand the value. lathough this looks more template based, it does pack a punch.

Learn how and why this site was created and the strategy behind it here

Neon Brand

The design is simple with a distance shot of Las Vegas then a video explaining what Neon Brand they do. Logo branding very small and descreet.


An ususual brand name but memorable, which is the point, Design is busy getting over the many services that are offered by Lots of learn more and see are plans, links to more detailed pages. You get a clear idea, of how they would help a clients business.

K2 Analytics

Climbing a mountain is the initial thoughts when seeing the gray and snowy them by K2 Analytics. The badges of Best Seo Agency, Top digital agency all help spread the trust of this Las Vegas Agency.

Proabably the top 5 agency cool, creations designs from Las Vegas. There is no wonder they are top rankings with Google.